Carnage Moves to Killington, Vermont in 2013

Welcome to Killington, Vermont. Photo by jimmywayne.
Welcome to Killington, Vermont. Photo by jimmywayne.

In 2013, Carnage is moving! Ascend to new heights of tabletop gaming excellence with Carnage as Vermont’s tabletop game convention returns to the slopes of the Green Mountains. Join us at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel in Killington, Vermont from November 8th through the 10th in 2013.

With 200 guest rooms in the main building alone, the Killington Grand has more than enough space for all who wish to stay on site to do so, with options including kitchenettes. Further lodging options can be found in the immediate neighborhood. Those seeking sustenance to fuel their gaming activities will find a plethora of choices within and without the confines of the resort.

Contact the Killington Grand directly for room and reservation information.

Carnagecast 28: Ben T. Matchstick and Library Gaming

In episode 28 of Carnagecast, Ben T. Matchstick, Dungeon Master at large, comes on the show to tell us about founding a tradition of gaming in the local public library, and bringing the tabletop hobby to the next generation. At Montpelier, Vermont’s Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Ben brought comic books and tabletop games into the mix. In addition to running Dungeons & Dragons for children, he taught them to run it for their peers.

The motivations range from passing on a beloved hobby, to providing social encounters for a generation predisposed to video games, to bringing youth in general and boys in particular back into the library, to encouraging reading. As Ben points out, everything that happens at the table is life lessons: courtesy, cooperation, patience and more. With the advent of the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, young gamers have a great opportunity to learn that ultimately any game they run is belongs to them. If they’re having fun, they’re playing right.

Ben closes with a challenge to game masters to bring their gaming hobby to the public library, getting more people, children and their whole families, involved in the hobby. “It’s important that kids can be heroes again and create a game of their own.” Continue reading

Carnagecast 27: Companions of the Firmament and Geek Industrial Complex

In episode 27 of Carnagecast, we talk with Neil Carr of Geek Industrial Complex, based in Barre, Vermont. Neil’s raising funds via Kickstarter for his first role-playing publication, Companions of the Firmament, which brings flying characters, mount options and expanded aerial rules to the Pathfinder role-playing system.

Neil tells us about his goals for Companions of the Firmament: supporting a robust experience of flying in a Pathfinder-style role-playing game and using this book, along with previously published articles, to demonstrate to the role-playing community that Geek Industrial Complex can offer quality material. Neil also talks about his experiences with the crowdfunding model, including conducting a study of previous role-playing related funding campaigns and using that data as a guide to design his own crowdfunding effort.

We manage find time to ponder about the paradox of playing games of pretend that are structured to rule out certain modes of pretending. Why do people do that? Continue reading

Carnagecast Extrasode 5: A Dark and Stormy Night

In extrasode 5 of Carnagecast, Munk, Rachel, Sarah and Tyler drive home in the driving rain from Spring Meltdown in Lyndonville, one of the Green Mountain Gamers’ game days held around Vermont. How do you pass the time during a two hour ride from Lyndonville to Burlington? Talk about what you did during the day, of course.

Conversation gets into some of the new games played — Nefarious, Power Grid: The First Sparks, Lords of Waterdeep and more — the subtleties of certain personalities in the local Battlestar Galactica cadre and whether it’s okay for caribou and mammoth meeples not to be scaled to each other. Continue reading

Carnagecast 18: Bethany Creaser and Conspiracy X 2.0

In episode 18 of Carnagecast, Bethany Creaser of Border Board Games and Green Mountain Gamers tells the story of how she and her husband first came to Carnage and then talks about hosting game days and nights in Vermont for Interview with the Gamer.

To learn about Conspiracy X 2.0, Autopsy of a Game turns to the game’s own line developer, Dave Chapman. He peels back a few of the outer layers shrouding the aliens, paranormal experiences and conspiracies in the heart of the American government that agents of AEGIS may encounter. Continue reading

Carnagecast Extrasode 2: Carnage Round Table Convention Roundup

In extrasode 2 of Carnagecast, Christy, Chuck, Robert and Rod gather for the first Carnage round table discussion. The topic at hand is conventions and games. Where have we been, where are we going and what are we playing on the way?

If you’re at any of the upcoming conventions and game days, look for the folks in Carnage shirts and say hello! Continue reading

Carnagecast 12: Going Cardboard and Le Havre

In episode 12 of Carnagecast, the director of Going Cardboard tells us about creating the documentary that delves into designer board games. Then Autopsy of a Game gets into the economics of wharfside entrepreneurship as Chuck, Rod and Sarah talk Le Havre. Continue reading

Carnagecast 2: Uncommon Nonsense and Andre Kruppa

In episode 2 of Carnagecast, Rod Sheldon fills us in on the Uncommon Nonsense Charity Auction, a silent auction of donated games and other items whose proceeds benefited victims of flooding in Vermont caused by Hurricane Irene.

Next, Interview with the Gamer visits Andre Kruppa, known on the New England convention circuit for his games’ theatrical production values and high immersion Call of Cthulhu and Lovecraftian horror scenarios. Continue reading

Upper Valley Gamers in Support of Irene Flood Relief

In the wake of catastrophic flooding in Vermont caused by tropical storm Irene, Upper Valley gamers are stepping up to support flood relief efforts through the tabletop game hobby:

  • Matt Golec has created a geeklist auction on Boardgamegeek. All proceeds from items listed will go to the Red Cross of the Vermont / New Hampshire Valley to aid in short term aid for flood victims. The auction ends Wednesday, September 7th.
  • On September 10th, Triple Play of West Lebanon hosts a Flood Benefit Game Day. Freewill donations are taken at the door, with a suggestion of $10. Games start at 10:00am when the store opens and continue on as long as there are people to play.

Carnage on the Road: Fall 2011 Edition

Fall’s a traditionally busy time of year for the Carnage staff, what with the convention coming up in November, but we manage to get out to one or two gaming events. This year, you can find the Carnage flag flying at least two game events: