Carnagecast 30: Lords of Waterdeep

In episode 30 of Carnagecast, the gang discusses Lords of Waterdeep, an Euro-style board game from Wizards of the Coast based on the perennially favorite world of the Forgotten Realms for Dungeons & Dragons. Rod runs down how the game works, then the conversation breaks out into how this game may appeal to different groups of people. Rod and Chuck point out that as Lords of Waterdeep mixes contemporary board game trends with a traditional role-playing world, it can bring the world of Forgotten Realms to a new audience beyond tabletop role-players, and potentially introduce longstanding Dungeons & Dragons players to a new kind of game for those nights when the whole group can’t get together for the campaign. Continue reading

Carnagecast 23: Betrayal at House on the Hill Actual Play, Part 2

In episode 23 of Carnagecast, the Dan, a Dan, Hunter, Jake, Toby and Tyler wrap up their game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. Missy realizes deep in her gut that Madame Zostra has betrayed them all — and then stumbles upon a revolver and dynamite with which to resolve the problem. As the heroes race to exorcise the house of malign powers, Professor Longfellow finds himself scrambling for his life as basement rooms fall away into the inferno one by one. Continue reading

Carnagecast Extrasode 4: Escape from PAX East

In extrasode 4 of Carnagecast, Sarah and Tyler talk about their PAX East 2012 experiences while heading north to Vermont. They talk about what they did and didn’t get to do, the games they played, the scale of PAX East and the thrill of that much energy and buzz filling a convention center.

It turns out that both Sarah and Tyler are getting to that stage in their lives where they’re more appreciative of handsome, well-made furniture than they are the latest game releases. Furthermore, Sarah was most interested by the Chevrolet display in the exhibition hall than anything else . . . Continue reading