Carnagecast 20: Nonchalant Gnome Gaming Society and Android

In episode 20 of Carnagecast, Interview with the Gamer travels west across Lake Champlain to talk with Chuck Henry of the Nonchalant Gnome Gaming Society in Plattsburgh, New York. Chuck tells us about founding the Nonchalant Gnome gaming society, some of the methods and techniques to making a public gaming group welcoming to newcomers, growing the gaming scene in upstate New York and their participation in the Play in Public campaign to make tabletop gaming more visible to the public eye through teaching moments.

In Autopsy of a Game, Alex and Dan discuss Android, the science fiction noir detective game from Fantasy Flight Games. Players take on characters investigating a crime in the city of San Angeles, as well as wrestle with their personal demons. Alex’s enjoyment of the game has led him to GM it at Carnage two years running with no plan to slow down. Dan is a fan of the game as well, citing in particular the deep world-building found in the rulebook and flavor text of the game’s components. Continue reading

Carnagecast 19: Battlestar Galactica Actual Play, Part 4

In episode 19 of Carnagecast, we conclude the Battlestar Galactica actual play series featuring the Battle-all-stars with the not entirely shocking revelation that ended part 3. It only gets tenser from there. After the game, the players chat a bit about how the game went and the variants in play, such as 2 Cylons for 7 players and the personal goal cards.

Carnagecast 18: Bethany Creaser and Conspiracy X 2.0

In episode 18 of Carnagecast, Bethany Creaser of Border Board Games and Green Mountain Gamers tells the story of how she and her husband first came to Carnage and then talks about hosting game days and nights in Vermont for Interview with the Gamer.

To learn about Conspiracy X 2.0, Autopsy of a Game turns to the game’s own line developer, Dave Chapman. He peels back a few of the outer layers shrouding the aliens, paranormal experiences and conspiracies in the heart of the American government that agents of AEGIS may encounter. Continue reading

Carnagecast 17: Battlestar Galactica Actual Play, Part 3

In episode 17 of Carnagecast, “the real game” of Battlestar Galactica begins, as Carlo puts it. The sleeper phase doles out another set of loyalty cards to the not terribly hard-pressed Battle-all-stars. Now the mere prospect of Baltar employing his Cylon detector provokes strong reactions from all around.

The end of this installment’s a corker, too.

Carnagecast 15: Battlestar Galactica Actual Play, Part 2

In episode fifteen of Carnagecast, the actual play recording of Battlestar Galactica with the Battle-all-stars continues, picking up with Carlo’s ominous reminder of a Cylon in the group’s midst. Later on, a state of emergency catches everyone by surprise.

Carnagecast 13: Battlestar Galactica Actual Play, Part 1

In episode 13 of Carnagecast, we begin a new actual play recording, this time of Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game. Recorded at the Winter Weirdness game day in Barre in January 2012, this session features a set of players known in the Vermont gaming scene for the enthusiasm and tenacity they bring to table when playing Battlestar Galactica.

In part 1, the players introduce themselves and the characters they’re playing, then launch into the game. Crises abound.

Carnagecast 6: James Carpio of Chapter 13 Press and Sekigahara

In episode 6 of Carnagecast, Interview with the Gamer catches up with James Carpio. When not running role-playing games, James also designs and publishes them, with such diverse titles as Death Race Z and Spookybeans.

Sekigahara comes under the knife in Autopsy of a Game. This episode’s subject is a war game covering the campaign that gave rise to the Tokugawa shogunate in 16th century Japan. Chuck rates it “delightful” while Sarah would agree to play it. Continue reading