Carnagecast 56: Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League

Carnagecast logo. The grim reaper leaps in the air, strumming a power chord on his scythe-guitar.Late breaking news! The Game With No Name no-ship math trade is now live on Boardgamegeek. Follow the link for details.

The new edition of Dungeons & Dragons descends on A Fistful of Carnage this November, giving convention-goers not only a chance to sample the latest version of the hobby’s most well-known game, but the new Adventurers League organized play structure, which brings the excitement not only to the convention circuit, but game stores and your own home. Ray talks with Al Spader of Jetpack Comics and lead Dungeon Master for the Adventurers League offerings at A Fistful of Carnage to get the inside scoop of what’s new and cool in Dungeons & Dragons.

The Jetpack Comics crew has a full slate of events for the weekend at Killington, with some cool perks of their own to pique your interest. Listen to the episode for details, and then sign up to play in their games at A Fistful of Carnage!

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Carnagecast 50: Pathfinder

Carnagecast logo.In episode 50 of Carnagecast, we kick off with breaking news about Carnage on the Mountain 2014! Then, in our regularly scheduled episode, John joins us to talk about Paizo’s Pathfinder role-playing game. Branching out from the d20 era of Dungeons & Dragons, made possible by the open game license, Pathfinder carried on that style of role-playing when Wizards of the Coast opted to revamp Dungeons & Dragons with a whole new set of rules. Talking about Pathfinder, John reveals one of the things he likes most about the game is the ever-expanding room for variation and experimentation. Mechanics and concepts swirl and blend, as sometimes a new class sparks inspiration, or a character concept strikes that he works to realize within the rules.

Pathfinder Society is a living campaign, wherein players across the world adventure through a shared canon of scenarios. John takes us through some of the ups and downs of the organized play model as it applies to role-playing, and even pulls back the curtain, as he’s a frequent GM at the local Pathfinder Society tables at Quarterstaff Games.

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