“Let’s play!” — Carnage Royale Makes the Front Page of the Rutland Herald

An older man with glasses and a beard gives a thumb's up while holding up a newspaper with a front page article about Carnage, with the headline 'Let's play!'

Two men grabbed a passerby in a hotel lounge, seeking an outside perspective on whether the Norwegian navy should attack St. Petersburg.

No, it wasn’t the beginning of a very strange spy novel. It was the second day of Carnage Con, Vermont’s largest gaming convention, held last weekend at the Killington Grand Hotel and Snowshed Base Lodge.

That’s how reporter Gordon Dritschilo’s article about Carnage Royale began on the front page of the Sunday edition of the Rutland Herald last week, on the final day of the convention. You can now read the article in full over on the Rutland Reader‘s website. Thanks to Gordon and photographer Robert Layman for coming out to visit the convention. Articles like these are a great way for gamers to tell their stories to the local community, and catch the eyes of people interested in the tabletop hobby who haven’t yet figured out how to make contact with fellow players.

Carnage in the Boston Globe

Sunday, October 21st, the Boston Globe ran an article in the travel section noting Carnage’s 15th convention. The sharp-eyed reader will note a number of names in the article familiar within the Carnage community, but none so prominent as the byline of Matt Golec, Upper Valley gamer and correspondent for the Globe. Read the full article on the Boston Globe‘s website.

This is especially timely because Carnage Noir is a little over a week away. You have a few days more to get your preregistration packets in. After that, it’s all catch as catch can and buying badges at the door.