Carnagecast 38: Unity Games XIX

In episode thirty-eight of Carnagecast, Sarah brings tidings from Unity Games, a one day board game extravaganza held annually in Massachusetts. Highlights of the day include teaching Power Grid: The First Sparks, learning Hansa Teutonica and Stone Age, plus the chance to meet up with Carnage friends outside the Carnage convention itself.

We also talk a bit about teaching games, Sarah’s particular techniques for doing so, and finding the balance between achieving fluency in games one already likes versus trying every new title that comes out of Essen. Continue reading

Carnagecast Extrasode 4: Escape from PAX East

In extrasode 4 of Carnagecast, Sarah and Tyler talk about their PAX East 2012 experiences while heading north to Vermont. They talk about what they did and didn’t get to do, the games they played, the scale of PAX East and the thrill of that much energy and buzz filling a convention center.

It turns out that both Sarah and Tyler are getting to that stage in their lives where they’re more appreciative of handsome, well-made furniture than they are the latest game releases. Furthermore, Sarah was most interested by the Chevrolet display in the exhibition hall than anything else . . . Continue reading

Carnagecast Extrasode 3: On the Road to PAX East

In extrasode three of Carnagecast, Sarah and Tyler are on the road to PAX East 2012. Driving down Interstate 89 from Vermont to Boston the night before the convention, they talk about what they’re looking forward to check out this weekend. Aside from wanting to scope out the tabletop gaming area and pick-up play opportunities, Sarah is astonishingly well organized with a whopping four panels marked in her Guidebook app, while Tyler can’t remember the name of the single panel he’s interested in.

Conversational diversions include the comparative mental acuity of Euro- and Amerigamers, the inclusion of transgender individuals in video games and whether an audiologist can distinguish modern sculpture from giant stompy robots. Continue reading

Carnagecast Extrasode 2: Carnage Round Table Convention Roundup

In extrasode 2 of Carnagecast, Christy, Chuck, Robert and Rod gather for the first Carnage round table discussion. The topic at hand is conventions and games. Where have we been, where are we going and what are we playing on the way?

If you’re at any of the upcoming conventions and game days, look for the folks in Carnage shirts and say hello! Continue reading

Carnagecast 10: TotalCon and The Resistance

In episode 10 of Carnagecast, Interview with a Gamer talks TotalCon with Angelia Heroux, the event’s media director. The Massachusetts convention includes movies, discussion panels and tournaments in addition to the traditional role-playing and board game fare.

Then, in Autopsy of a Game, Rod, Chuck and Sarah talk about The Resistance, a social game in which players are either resistance members trying to succeed at missions or undercover spies working to thwart the resistance’s efforts. Rod thinks The Resistance is good for non- and casual gamers with its high strong social interactions, but still meaty enough for hardcore, strategy-oriented gamers to get into.

But then, Rod is always a Cylon. Continue reading

Carnage on the Road This Spring

Carnage2007- 048
Photo by sponng.

As part of spreading the word about Carnage and finding new and interesting games, you may run into Carnage staff members running or playing games at conventions all over New England this spring, such as:

What are the gaming events you’re looking forward to this spring?

Carnage on the Road: Winter and Spring 2012

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to look forward to the myriad opportunities with gaming through the winter right into the spring. Here are some places you can catch Carnage staffers in the coming months:

And, of course, you can find Carnage folks haunting their local public game nights, such as those held at Quarterstaff Games and Triple Play.