2011 Living Forgotten Realms Events Now on Warhorn

Photo by 8one6.

The Carnage in Wonderland page on Warhorn.net now lists the weekend’s offerings in Living Forgotten Realms adventures from the RPGA. Hie thee hence to whet thy palate for Dungeons & Dragons action this November!

Please remember that Warhorn is a scheduling tool used by the RPGA coordinators. It is not affiliated with Carnage, nor a part of the convention registration process. Attendees wishing to preregister for Carnage should utilize the form in the back of the convention book, in addition to signing up via Warhorn for RPGA-run sessions.

RPGA D&D 4e Games Up on Warhorn!

RPGA D&D 4e games have been posted on Warhorn! Visit the site for 4e organized play times and descriptions. To register for RPGA games, please sign up at Warhorn AND register for Carnage on site using the form at the back of the Carnage pre-registration booklet.

Many thanks to Carl for organizing and to judges Carl, Wesley, and Pierre!