Carnage Royale Opens for Registration

Cover of the Carnage Royale convention book. The grim reaper is sighted down the barrel of a gun, holding a pistol in its hand.Carnage is very pleased to announce the opening of registration for Carnage Royale!

As in past years, you can download the convention book as a PDF — linked below, with the schedule grid — peruse the games listed and mail in the form on the last page to preregister for the convention. However, now you can also use our new online registration system to preregister for the convention paperlessly, and use Paypal for payment. Note that clicking the link above will redirect you to a second website,, which is a Carnage-owned and operated web site, hosted separately for quality of service purposes. As with a paper registration form, online registration lets attendees indicate their first, second and third choices for games to play in a schedule slot. Those preferences are fulfilled on an as-available basis.

Carnage Royale, Vermont’s own tabletop game convention, runs from November 4-6, 2016, at the Killington Grand Resort in Killington, Vermont. For more information about booking a room for the weekend, visit our Lodging page. Walk-in registrants are always welcome, but we encourage attendees to preregister for the weekend to reserve seats in scheduled games on a first-come, first-served basis. And do check the web addendum for late arriving games that didn’t make it into the convention book.

  • Carnage Royale Convention Book [PDF, 1.7MB]
  • Carnage Royale Schedule Grid [PDF, 77kB]

Carnage of the Lost World’s Convention Book is Available for Download

Note: This post links to the 2015 convention book and is made available for informational purposes only. If you’re looking for the current year’s convention book, check the sidebar, or the top of the News page.

Carnage of the Lost World convention book cover: Death, wielding an elephant gun, stands with one foot on the neck of a dead tyrannosaurus.Carnage of the Lost World’s convention book is now available for you to download as a PDF, as well as a schedule grid to help plan your weekend. Check out the addendum page, explained below, for the latest game news. Once you’ve picked out the games you would like to play, fill out the preregistration form at the back of the book and send it in before the first week of November. There are no guarantees in preregistration, of course, but sooner is always better, and it never hurts to include a second choice.

GMs, if you would like to sign up to play in addition to running games, send in the pre-reg form, noting on it that you are a GM.

Once that’s taken care, all you have to do is sit back and relax and get ready for Carnage of the Lost World, November 6-8, 2015 at the Killington Grand! You could also rustle up some games to offer for trade in the annual no-ship math trade, Trading in the Land of the Lost, too.

  • Carnage of the Lost World Convention Book — 2015 [PDF, 2.6MB]
  • Carnage of the Lost World Schedule Grid [PDF, 110kB]

Addenda, Errata and Other Updates

Now that the convention book is published, we’ll be using the addendum page to list late additions, corrections and cancellations. Visit it often to see the latest and greatest of what Carnage of the Lost World has to offer. Any questions can be directed to

New Spaces, Venue Changes

Carnage has access to some new convention spaces this year in the Snowshed building: the Ticket Room, the Pods and Snowshed-Gateway are all rooms on the ground floor, below the Snowshed ballroom, which most convention-goers know as the main role-playing game space. The new rooms are all pictured in the map on page 29 of the convention book.

Additionally, the Killington resort is in the process of renovating, which changes some of the routes prior attendees may be used to, and the availability of some amenities. Check out our rundown of what’s to eat and where for details.

I Know What You Played Last Summer… RPGs & LARPs

GM Sign Ups Due July 26

Carnage the 13th looks forward to another solid lineup of RPGs and LARPs in a wide variety of genres and systems, from the most recent indies to well-established favorites. We welcome game masters both new and familiar—if you are a GM, please sign up by July 26 in order to make it into our printed convention booklet.

The Topic is Terror

For those who want to play along, Carnage’s theme this year is horror, with an emphasis on the slasher variety a la Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. GMs have the opportunity to get creative incorporating the tropes of the genre into their games. At the same time, we welcome every other sort of role-playing adventure, from Gygaxian dungeon crawls to the latest in indie hits.

Architects of Nightmare

RPG and LARP recruitment is off to a rip-roaring start this year with the sign-on of fiction author and GM CJ Henderson and the confirmation of a number of highly respected regulars from past years. Fresh new blood from the regional gaming and con scene joins us as well for Carnage’s 13th annual weekend of frighteningly good gaming fun.

Thank Yous

Speaking of past years, we would like to thank all of the phenomenal GMs who ran RPGs at Carnage 12, including:

  • Big Daddy Al
  • Neal Byles
  • John Crossley
  • Jim Doyle
  • Kalvin Jay
  • Andre Kruppa
  • Tom Loney
  • Gaylord Newcity
  • Pathfinder judges
  • John Prushko
  • Realms LARP organizers
  • RPGA judges
  • Rob Snow
  • TC Realms organizers
  • Micah Warren
  • Charlton Wilbur
  • Brad Younie
  • and all the other fantastic GMs who ran adventures

Passing the Chainsaw

A special thanks is due to Dr. Nik, who stepped down last year after serving for many years on the Carnage board in a variety of positions including President and RPG Field Marshal. Nik’s energy, drive and organizational ability will be sorely missed—but not his legendary GMing! We are exceptionally pleased to note that Dr. Nik will run even more of his renowned Carnage games than usual—both RPGs and a LARP—now that he no longer has board responsibilities. Special thanks as well to another noted Carnage GM, Tyler Dion, who has stepped up to help fill Dr. Nik’s shoes on the Carnage board. Welcome, Tyler!