The Realm of Cards: HullBreach!

Hullbreach!  At Carnage! Zeppo Young of NSB games will be at Carnage to demo Hullbreach!, a unique CCG. It combines collectible card gaming mechanics with wargaming to create a unique game. Players will be able to take on the role of commanders in space. They will have marines, ships and space stations at their command. The goal is simple. Commanders must protect their space station at all costs, while breaching and ultimately destroying their enemies space station.

Zeppo will be presenting demos of Hullbreach! Saturday 1pm-5pm in the Edgewater (CCG) room, Saturday 7pm-11pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm in the Terrace Ballroom. Zeppo and NSB Games  will also be in the dealers room thru out the weekend. Be sure to check out Hullbreach! at this year’s Carnage.