Carnagecast 60: Winter Weirdness 2015

Carnagecast logo. The grim reaper leaps in the air, strumming a power chord on his scythe-guitar.In episode 60 of Carnagecast, Tyler flies solo: no co-host, no guest! News of Carnage 2015 is soon to come. This past weekend the Green Mountain Gamers held their Winter Weirdness game day in Barre, Vermont. Games were played, money was raised for the Vermont Center for Independent Living and fun was had. Tyler talks about the games he got to play: three favorites and a brand new one. Where else can you run into Carnage folks in New England: MEGA Spring Meltdown, TotalCon and PAX East, to name a few.

Tyler wraps up with some of his other tabletop interests at the moment, including a live play show on YouTube called Decked! and dabbling in Doomtown. Carnagecast now has a voice mail box. Call in and let us know what you think!

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Carnagecast 51: MEGA Meltdown 2014

Carnagecast logo.In episode 51 of Carnagecast, Alex Clay of the Green Mountain Gamers joins us to talk about the group’s upcoming game day, the MEGA Meltdown in Fairlee, Vermont on April 12th, 2014. The Meltdown, like Green Mountain Gamers’ other events, is a day of open gaming, this one running from 9am to midnight at the Lake Morey Resort, on the shores of Lake Morey in the Upper Valley. There will be lots of people bringing games to share and teach, an Android: Netrunner tournament, a special selection of games to play and win, a silent auction to benefit the Vermont Foodbank, with Brap’s Magic on hand to vend games.

Additionally, this is the Green Mountain Gamers’ first year as an officially organized social club. Anyone paying the entrance fee to the MEGA Meltdown becomes a voting member of the Green Mountain Gamers club, gaining the potential to help steer the organization in its mission to provide places for people to meet, play games, and share the hobby with others.

MEGA Meltdown happens April 12th, 2014 at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. It’s a great day of tabletop games, with the chance to make new gaming friends and find that next big game to play. Come by and check it out!

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Carnagecast 38: Unity Games XIX

In episode thirty-eight of Carnagecast, Sarah brings tidings from Unity Games, a one day board game extravaganza held annually in Massachusetts. Highlights of the day include teaching Power Grid: The First Sparks, learning Hansa Teutonica and Stone Age, plus the chance to meet up with Carnage friends outside the Carnage convention itself.

We also talk a bit about teaching games, Sarah’s particular techniques for doing so, and finding the balance between achieving fluency in games one already likes versus trying every new title that comes out of Essen. Continue reading

Carnagecast Extrasode 5: A Dark and Stormy Night

In extrasode 5 of Carnagecast, Munk, Rachel, Sarah and Tyler drive home in the driving rain from Spring Meltdown in Lyndonville, one of the Green Mountain Gamers’ game days held around Vermont. How do you pass the time during a two hour ride from Lyndonville to Burlington? Talk about what you did during the day, of course.

Conversation gets into some of the new games played — Nefarious, Power Grid: The First Sparks, Lords of Waterdeep and more — the subtleties of certain personalities in the local Battlestar Galactica cadre and whether it’s okay for caribou and mammoth meeples not to be scaled to each other. Continue reading

Carnagecast 18: Bethany Creaser and Conspiracy X 2.0

In episode 18 of Carnagecast, Bethany Creaser of Border Board Games and Green Mountain Gamers tells the story of how she and her husband first came to Carnage and then talks about hosting game days and nights in Vermont for Interview with the Gamer.

To learn about Conspiracy X 2.0, Autopsy of a Game turns to the game’s own line developer, Dave Chapman. He peels back a few of the outer layers shrouding the aliens, paranormal experiences and conspiracies in the heart of the American government that agents of AEGIS may encounter. Continue reading

Carnagecast Extrasode 2: Carnage Round Table Convention Roundup

In extrasode 2 of Carnagecast, Christy, Chuck, Robert and Rod gather for the first Carnage round table discussion. The topic at hand is conventions and games. Where have we been, where are we going and what are we playing on the way?

If you’re at any of the upcoming conventions and game days, look for the folks in Carnage shirts and say hello! Continue reading

Carnage on the Road: Fall 2011 Edition

Fall’s a traditionally busy time of year for the Carnage staff, what with the convention coming up in November, but we manage to get out to one or two gaming events. This year, you can find the Carnage flag flying at least two game events:

Gaming and Grilling in the Upper Valley

Green Mountain Gamers bring their traveling game days to the Upper Valley on June 18th at the grange hall in Norwich, Vermont with the Summer Game ‘n Grill.

Race for the Galaxy Tournament

Along with open play of board games, role-playing and more, there will be a Race for the Galaxy tournament. First place winner receives a $30 gift certificate generously donated by the Upper Valley’s friendly local game store, Triple Play.

Benefit Raffle for the Hartwell Family

The family of Rob Hartwell, member of the Border Board Games community in the Northeast Kingdom, has been dealing with medical and travel expenses in the recovery of Rob’s younger brother Zach from a malignant brain tumor. To help alleviate the financial hardship, Green Mountain Gamers will hold a benefit raffle, with all proceeds going to the Hartwell family.

For more information about times, location, and specific games being played, you can visit the Game ‘Grill page on the Green Mountain Gamers web site, as well as the companion discussion thread.

Carnage on the Road This Spring

Carnage2007- 048
Photo by sponng.

As part of spreading the word about Carnage and finding new and interesting games, you may run into Carnage staff members running or playing games at conventions all over New England this spring, such as:

What are the gaming events you’re looking forward to this spring?

Carnage at the Castle in New Hampshire

This mild-mannered storefront conceals a den of hot tabletop gaming action.

On March 5th, the Carnage gang will be at the Game Castle in Londonderry, New Hampshire hosting a day of gaming. We’ll be there with some of the best and greatest in board games and role-playing. Won’t you join us?

And if you so desire, you can RSVP via Facebook.