Brent Stephen Henry Waddington Shocked, Shocked when Chris Martin Stabs for Solo

Chris Martin, winner of the 2011 Nor’easter Diplomacy circuit and the 2011 North American championship, posted the following write-up of the weekend at Carnage in Wonderland to Diplist. Permission to repost has been granted.

Follow the “read more” link for the full article, including some kind words about Carnage itself.

“We really had a good thing going, you know?” offered Brent Waddington after the second round of diplomacy at the Carnage Accords, the site of this year’s North American Diplomacy Championship, known as ‘Dipcon.’ The event was held at the Lake Morey Resort in Vermont, approximately 90 minutes from Manchester, NH. Brent, Chris and thirty-four other diplomacy players had traveled from around the country to attend the event, where over three rounds on Friday, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening, thirteen games of diplomacy were played.

Playing in the bar of the Lake Morey resort was not the distraction it might have been for Brent, as the bar would remain closed until several hours after the game ended. “As England, I didn’t mind that Chris’s Germany was ahead of me in dots – at one point I had five, he had ten – but I caught up quickly and he even gave me Brest, so we were even at nine apiece. After we killed Buffalo’s (Andy Bartalone) France, and I got my fleets into the med, I thought we had everything sewn up,” Brent recalled. In a different game, Brent’s analysis might have been more accurate, but in this case he neglected to consider the fact that the German/English alliance faced a 14-center Turkey played by the daughter of Central USA’s strongest non-Chicago based player, Chris Mazza. Marguerite Mazza, playing in her second tournament, had eliminated Austria and Italy, and it was not long before Russia’s last center was taken as well. “All along, Chris told me that we would go for a 1st/2nd place draw, which would be a great result for me. We just needed to take a few more centers from Marguerite to make that happen . . .”

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