Killington Grand Checkout Time

As a reminder for Carnage attendees staying at the Killington Grand for the weekend, standard checkout time is 11:00am. If you are curious about the possibility of a later checkout, inquire with the front desk. Later checkout times usually depend on upcoming reservations, so it may vary from room to room.

Other places to stay on the mountain, including the various condominiums, may have different policies, and you should check directly with them about their checkout policies.

Carnage of the Lost World’s Convention Book is Available for Download

Note: This post links to the 2015 convention book and is made available for informational purposes only. If you’re looking for the current year’s convention book, check the sidebar, or the top of the News page.

Carnage of the Lost World convention book cover: Death, wielding an elephant gun, stands with one foot on the neck of a dead tyrannosaurus.Carnage of the Lost World’s convention book is now available for you to download as a PDF, as well as a schedule grid to help plan your weekend. Check out the addendum page, explained below, for the latest game news. Once you’ve picked out the games you would like to play, fill out the preregistration form at the back of the book and send it in before the first week of November. There are no guarantees in preregistration, of course, but sooner is always better, and it never hurts to include a second choice.

GMs, if you would like to sign up to play in addition to running games, send in the pre-reg form, noting on it that you are a GM.

Once that’s taken care, all you have to do is sit back and relax and get ready for Carnage of the Lost World, November 6-8, 2015 at the Killington Grand! You could also rustle up some games to offer for trade in the annual no-ship math trade, Trading in the Land of the Lost, too.

  • Carnage of the Lost World Convention Book — 2015 [PDF, 2.6MB]
  • Carnage of the Lost World Schedule Grid [PDF, 110kB]

Addenda, Errata and Other Updates

Now that the convention book is published, we’ll be using the addendum page to list late additions, corrections and cancellations. Visit it often to see the latest and greatest of what Carnage of the Lost World has to offer. Any questions can be directed to

New Spaces, Venue Changes

Carnage has access to some new convention spaces this year in the Snowshed building: the Ticket Room, the Pods and Snowshed-Gateway are all rooms on the ground floor, below the Snowshed ballroom, which most convention-goers know as the main role-playing game space. The new rooms are all pictured in the map on page 29 of the convention book.

Additionally, the Killington resort is in the process of renovating, which changes some of the routes prior attendees may be used to, and the availability of some amenities. Check out our rundown of what’s to eat and where for details.

Prepare for Trading in the Land of the Lost This November at Carnage

One of Carnage’s newest traditions is the no-ship math trade, an opportunity for gamers to swap away unwanted games for something new and fresh. What, specifically, is a math trade? This Boardgamegeek geeklist explains it nicely: “In Math trades people offer the games they want to trade and then say the games they want to swap for from those on offer. The organiser uses a piece of software to maximise the number of trades.” The no-ship part means there’s no postage involved. Bring your trade to Carnage of the Lost World this November and walk away with your new goodies. In the math trade, you’re likely to find board games, role-playing games, and other gaming and maybe non-gaming goodies.

Matt Golec, coordinator of the math trade lo these years, has laid out a timeline for Trading in the Land of the Lost, a no-ship math trade:

  • October 12th, 2015: the math trade geek list opens. Post the games you want to trade away, start scoping out what other people are offering.
  • October 26th, 2015: the for trade submission period for the math trade closes. Start composing your want list, noting what you would trade for and wouldn’t.
  • November 2nd, 2015: the want list submission closes. Matt runs the trade program and announces who’s trading what to whom for what.

It’s just that easy! Keep an eye on the Carnage news feed and Facebook page for news of when the math trade opens, and other Carnage of the Lost World developments.

Calling for GM Submissions for Carnage of the Lost World

As summer kicks off, some of us are already thinking about November and Carnage, Vermont’s tabletop game convention. Five months will fly by faster than you expect, so get thinking now about what games you would like to run at Carnage.

This year, Carnage explores the lost world, that hidden slice of an antediluvian time where prehistoric beasts survive, and unexpectedly come into contact with often unsuspecting denizens of a more civilized era. Whether it’s in a steamy jungle shielded from biting polar winds, a remote plateau in the arid desert or a deep loch in the rocky highlands, something has survived. And that something is a bit stroppy.

Carnage’s lost world theme can help role-playing and miniatures GMs find inspiration in writing their scenarios, and point toward board games that may not otherwise see play. However, running a game within the theme of the lost world and dinosaurs is always optional, never a directive, and should only be as utilized as much as it makes the game experience fun for everyone. Incorporate it as you see fit.

To submit your game proposal for Carnage of the Lost World, use our handy submission form. Submissions are open between now and the end of July. After that time, we cannot guarantee any further entries will be included in the Carnage convention book, though they may make it into the addendum.

Carnage runs from November 6th to the 8th in 2015, at the Killington Grand Hotel, in Killington, Vermont. Lodging information is available. Once the convention book is compiled, registration will open to conventioneers in the fall. For further updates, you can check back at, and follow Carnage on Facebook and Twitter.

The Curtain Falls on Carnage Noir

Did you make your big score this year? Did the dame get away with the dingus?

Rod Sheldon, just one of the hearts behind Carnage, posted on the Carnage Facebook group earlier today:

Thank you to everyone that made the last year at Lake Morey a great time! It was wonderful seeing old and new friends. It has been a wonderful 10 years at the Lake Morey Resort and it has been our pleasure to bring Carnage to the lake every year. Now we are ready to return to the mountains of Vermont in Killington next year. Stay tuned for updates on the new and fantastic things for Carnage in Killington . . . 2013!

And again thanks for all that made Carnage another great convention this year.

As we all recover from the past weekend, we will begin updating the website with information for 2013, provisionally named Carnage on the Mountain. The big news, of course, is the move from Fairlee to the Killington Grand Resort. There is, at last, room at the inn!

Carnage Moves to Killington, Vermont in 2013

Welcome to Killington, Vermont. Photo by jimmywayne.
Welcome to Killington, Vermont. Photo by jimmywayne.

In 2013, Carnage is moving! Ascend to new heights of tabletop gaming excellence with Carnage as Vermont’s tabletop game convention returns to the slopes of the Green Mountains. Join us at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel in Killington, Vermont from November 8th through the 10th in 2013.

With 200 guest rooms in the main building alone, the Killington Grand has more than enough space for all who wish to stay on site to do so, with options including kitchenettes. Further lodging options can be found in the immediate neighborhood. Those seeking sustenance to fuel their gaming activities will find a plethora of choices within and without the confines of the resort.

Contact the Killington Grand directly for room and reservation information.

Carnage in Wonderland After Action Reports

Some writerly souls recapped their experiences at Carnage in Wonderland. We’re collecting the links below. If you’ve got a write-up you’d like to share, tell us in the comments below!

The Unexplained’s “On the Brink of Invasion” in Podcast Form

James Lorentz of the New England Role Players Association was at Carnage this year, recording the audio of role-playing sessions throughout the weekend. Yesterday, NERPA published “On the Brink of Invasion,” an adventure for The Unexplained run by its creator, Brad Younie of Carnivore Games.

If you didn’t make it into Brad’s game this year, here’s your chance to find out what happened!

Brent Stephen Henry Waddington Shocked, Shocked when Chris Martin Stabs for Solo

Chris Martin, winner of the 2011 Nor’easter Diplomacy circuit and the 2011 North American championship, posted the following write-up of the weekend at Carnage in Wonderland to Diplist. Permission to repost has been granted.

Follow the “read more” link for the full article, including some kind words about Carnage itself.

“We really had a good thing going, you know?” offered Brent Waddington after the second round of diplomacy at the Carnage Accords, the site of this year’s North American Diplomacy Championship, known as ‘Dipcon.’ The event was held at the Lake Morey Resort in Vermont, approximately 90 minutes from Manchester, NH. Brent, Chris and thirty-four other diplomacy players had traveled from around the country to attend the event, where over three rounds on Friday, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening, thirteen games of diplomacy were played.

Playing in the bar of the Lake Morey resort was not the distraction it might have been for Brent, as the bar would remain closed until several hours after the game ended. “As England, I didn’t mind that Chris’s Germany was ahead of me in dots – at one point I had five, he had ten – but I caught up quickly and he even gave me Brest, so we were even at nine apiece. After we killed Buffalo’s (Andy Bartalone) France, and I got my fleets into the med, I thought we had everything sewn up,” Brent recalled. In a different game, Brent’s analysis might have been more accurate, but in this case he neglected to consider the fact that the German/English alliance faced a 14-center Turkey played by the daughter of Central USA’s strongest non-Chicago based player, Chris Mazza. Marguerite Mazza, playing in her second tournament, had eliminated Austria and Italy, and it was not long before Russia’s last center was taken as well. “All along, Chris told me that we would go for a 1st/2nd place draw, which would be a great result for me. We just needed to take a few more centers from Marguerite to make that happen . . .”

Continue reading

From Carnage Gaming to the Carnage Community: Thank You

Greetings from Lake Morey, November 2011!

Another Carnage has come to a close. We ventured down the rabbit hole with over four hundred friends and fellow travelers for a weekend of exceptional gaming. I don’t think there was a time when there weren’t people rocking dice, tokens or figs at Lake Morey — except maybe the sixty minute window between the night owls falling into bed and the early risers trekking to their morning slot.

Carnage isn’t anything without the people who come to game. As President Chuck put it on Facebook:

Just want to thank all the Carnage Attendees, both players and GMs. You are the heart and soul of the Carnage experience without all of you we wouldnt have a con to put on. So again from the Carnage Staff to everyone who attends a hearty thank you.