Saddle Up for Carnage on the Mountain 2014

Death is the orneriest high plains drifter you'll ever meet.
The orneriest high plains drifter you’ll ever meet.

We are pleased to announce we have secured a date and place for Carnage on the Mountain 2014. Plan your next expedition up the slopes of Killington Peak for November 7th, 2014, executing a descent strategy on November 9th.[1] Carnage returns to the Killington Grand Resort for a full weekend of tabletop games: board games, card games, historical and fantasy miniatures, role-playing games and more.

The 2013 convention at Killington was a learning experience for everyone. The Carnage staff took their own notes, combined them with feedback from our conventioneers and are currently collaborating on how to provide an even better weekend of gaming for everyone at Killington in 2014.

Booking Rooms for Carnage on the Mountain 2014

For those who have not yet booked rooms for 2014, remember that in order to get the convention rate at the Killington Grand, you must call to reserve and you must specify you want the Carnage convention rate. Reserving online will not grant the convention rate.

In addition to hotel-style rooms, Killington also offers accommodations like the Pinnacle condominiums adjacent to the main building. Visit Killington’s website for full details on your mountainside options. You’ll find convention rates for Carnage on the Mountain 2014 listed on the Lodging page.

Running and Registering for Games

As is now tradition, Carnage’s field marshals will start contacting our trusty, ever-giving GMs in the late winter and spring. Around then, the GM submission form will also open. Registration should open in late summer, early fall.

The Latest News

As always, keep a weather eye on the Carnage website for the latest news. News posts are relayed to our presences on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

[1] The very well prepared may wish instead to overwinter on the slopes of Killington. To those individuals, we wish godspeed.

Ski You at Killington: The Carnage on the Mountain No-Ship Math Trade

The Carnage on the Mountain no-ship math trade, dubbed Ski You at Killington, is now live at BoardGameGeek. Prospective traders have until October 27th to make their offers. Want lists are due November 3rd. The trade, of course, happens at Carnage on the Mountain at Killington the next weekend.

What’s a math trade, you ask? Matt’s post at the top of the list explains the details of the format more, but in short: list the board games, card games, miniatures and RPGs you want to swap away by 9:00pm on October 21st. Then create a want list from the gamers offered by others using the On-Line Want List Generator by October 28th at 9:00pm. Then wait for the good news of what you’re swapping and what you’re receiving.

Let’s get those games listed to find them new homes!

Carnage on the Mountain 2013 Addendum

To err is human. While we try as hard as we can, errors still slip through when compiling games for the convention book. This afternoon we published an updated convention book with key corrections to the fantasy miniatures section. Please use the updated version, named 2013_Carnage_Booklet_For_Web_10-08.pdf, for your registration.

Additionally, the web addendum is live. You will find a link in the Convention Book menu of the navigation bar. This is a living document of further clarifications, additions and cancellations. Keep an eye on it in the coming days for further offerings at Carnage on the Mountain.

We thank our friends, GMs and conventioneers alike, for their patience as we reconcile our perceptions with reality.

Download the 2013 Carnage on the Mountain Convention Book

Note: This post links to the 2013 Carnage convention book and is made available for informational purposes only. If you’re looking for the current year’s convention book, check the sidebar, or the top of the News page.

Carnage on the Mountain Book Cover
Download the 2013 Carnage on the Mountain convention book.

Carnage on the Mountain’s official convention book is now available for download. Below, you will find links to the convention book, a preregistration form, a schedule grid and a map showing the layout of the Killington Grand and adjacent Snowshed Lodge. Note that the Snowshed Lodge is accessible through the door at the end of the hall by rooms K Roundabout and H-I Escapade I & II.

These documents reflect the schedule as it stood at the time of printing. For updates, alterations, amendments and new arrivals, check the Convention Book Addendum regularly.

  • Carnage on the Mountain Convention Book [PDF, 868kb] Updated 10/12/13!
  • Carnage on the Mountain Pre-reg Form [PDF, 64kb]
  • Carnage on the Mountain Schedule Grid [PDF, 96kb]
  • Carnage on the Mountain Schedule Grid [XLS, 63kb]
  • Killington Grand Site Map [PDF, 62kb]

Update October 12th, 2013

The convention book was updated October 12th with key miniatures corrections. The current version is named 2013_Carnage_Booklet_For_Web_10-08.pdf.

Additionally, the Convention Addendum is now live. This is a living document of updates, additions and cancellations. Watch it for the latest in gaming offerings at Carnage on the Mountain in 2013.

Carnagecast 47: Miniatures and Role-Playing at Carnage on the Mountain

Carnagecast logo.In episode 47 of Carnagecast, Rod gives the mini skinny for Carnage on the Mountain. Offerings break out into the fantasy genre, with wizards, lasers and stompy robots, and the historical variety, where player marshal forces to see whether they can turn the tide of history, or keep the waves of anachronism at bay. This year, there’s a particular focus on the Revolutionary War and battles that happened close to home, like the Battle of Bennington and the Battle of Valcour Island. For those new to the field of miniatures, or young players in general, there are offerings as well, like Dr. Nik’s Champions of the Toychest. Rod’s also pleased to announce a first for Carnage: ancients wargaming with a De Bellis Antiquitatis tournament.

On the role-playing side of the resort, Tyler covers tabletop and live action . . . action. Pathfinder Society returns with a full weekend of derring-do. Stalwart friends of Carnage like Dr. Nik, Andre Kruppa and Brad Younie are back for more. Live action role-playing sees a resurgence with not only the traditional Realms of Wonder boffer game, but a new Dr. Nik concoction, a steampunk murder mystery and the return of Vampire: the Masquerade with a Laws of the Night-powered conclave of the Kindred’s great and graceful.

Breaking news! It came too late for the podcast recording itself, but we’re pleased to announce Oscar Rios of Golden Goblin Press is on deck for Cthulhu mythos horror in the time of ancient Rome.

Go behind the jump for links to referenced topics and to leave your comments. What are you looking forward to playing at Carnage on the Mountain? Continue reading

Carnagecast 45: Board Games at Carnage on the Mountain

Carnagecast logo.In episode 45 of Carnagecast, board game field marshal Rod Sheldon returns to talk about what we’ve been up to this summer. Triple Play’s hosting a lot organized board game play lately. There’s a Twilight Struggle league and a series of board game challenge tourneys, in which contestants play a variety of games and accrue points to win the title at the end of the season. Tyler’s keeping on with his Pathfinder group’s Carrion Crown campaign and delving into the Android: Netrunner and Call of Cthulhu living card games, plus the online play client Lackey.

Rod pulls the curtain back on this year’s board game offerings at Carnage on the Mountain in Killington, which number more than any Carnage convention to date. T’zolkin: the Mayan Calendar? Castle Burgundy? OGRE 6th Edition? Multiple sessions of A Game of Thrones and Battlestar Galactica, leavened with a variety of expansions? Live action RoboRally and Forbidden Island? Yeah, we got all those. Listen in to the episode for more details on those, the war game room and more.

Go behind the cut for show links and to leave your thoughts about what you’re looking forward to playing at Carnage this year. Continue reading

GM Submissions Deadline for Carnage on the Mountain Draws Near

calendar_clip_artThe summer is just flying by! We’re coming to the close of the submission period for GMs to run games. If you’re still on the fence or have put off getting your games in to the field marshals, now is the time to act! If the universe holds you up and you can’t send your games in until after the 27th, we’ll do our best to make it all fit in the book, but there are no guarantees.

After July 27th, the Carnage staff sifts and schedules all the games our GMs sent to create a weekend of programming that lets people sample new games and enjoy their favorites as much as possible. Then the convention book is laid out, proofread, printed and mailed off to the Carnage community. After that, new submissions are added to the web addendum. So you can see that to reach the most eyeballs, GMs want their games in the printed and electronic versions of the book.

Come one, come all to Carnage on the Mountain! You’ll find the GM sign-up form eager to accept your tasty information.

GM Sign Ups Open for Carnage on the Mountain 2013

As spring turns to summer, so do the thoughts of the Carnage staff turn to the question, “Who wants to run some games at this year’s convention?”

Now you, the discerning game master, can answer that question with the utmost expedition. The GM sign up form is now up and running! Carnage wants passionate GMs who want to share their favorite games with the convention community, so figure out what gets you excited and write up a submission to run it at Carnage on the Mountain this year. Board games, card games, LARPs, miniatures, role-playing games, we want them all to make our first year in a new hotel the most fun-filled yet. The deadline to get your session information into the convention book is July 27th, so get crackin’!

The form strives to be as self-explanatory as possible. If you’re new to running games at conventions or have specific questions, get in touch with us through We’ll connect you with the field marshal in question.

Carnage on the Mountain runs November 8th t0 the 10th at the Killington Grand Resort in Killington, Vermont.

Carnagecast 36: Back from Hiatus

In episode 36 of Carnagecast, we emerge from hiatus just in time to still be able to wish everyone a happy new year. Pillar of the Carnage board Rod Sheldon is with us to talk about the highlights of this past Carnage Noir, the gaming we’ve gotten in over the holidays and plans for 2013: both at Carnage and conventions across New England. Continue reading