Carnagecast 36: Back from Hiatus

In episode 36 of Carnagecast, we emerge from hiatus just in time to still be able to wish everyone a happy new year. Pillar of the Carnage board Rod Sheldon is with us to talk about the highlights of this past Carnage Noir, the gaming we’ve gotten in over the holidays and plans for 2013: both at Carnage and conventions across New England. Continue reading

Carnage Noir Blog Roundup

Carnage Noir is over, but you can explore how other people spent their weekends with this roundup of blog and forum posts about the 2012 convention:

Got a blog, forum post or story about the weekend to share? Tell us in the comments!

The Curtain Falls on Carnage Noir

Did you make your big score this year? Did the dame get away with the dingus?

Rod Sheldon, just one of the hearts behind Carnage, posted on the Carnage Facebook group earlier today:

Thank you to everyone that made the last year at Lake Morey a great time! It was wonderful seeing old and new friends. It has been a wonderful 10 years at the Lake Morey Resort and it has been our pleasure to bring Carnage to the lake every year. Now we are ready to return to the mountains of Vermont in Killington next year. Stay tuned for updates on the new and fantastic things for Carnage in Killington . . . 2013!

And again thanks for all that made Carnage another great convention this year.

As we all recover from the past weekend, we will begin updating the website with information for 2013, provisionally named Carnage on the Mountain. The big news, of course, is the move from Fairlee to the Killington Grand Resort. There is, at last, room at the inn!

Hurricane Sandy Advisory

NOAA projection of Hurricane Sandy's path.
NOAA projection of Hurricane Sandy’s path, as of 8:00am, October 27th, 2012.

New Englanders and residents of the wider northeastern US are keeping an eye on Hurricane Sandy, which is currently projected to hit the New York and New Jersey area early Tuesday morning. While Vermont appears to be squarely in the “side effects” zone of the hurricane’s current path, there is no way to predict now what effects of the hurricane may actually reach us. With last year’s disasters inflicted by Tropical Storm Irene are still fresh in our minds, we encourage all Carnage-goers to keep an eye on weather reports in the coming week and take advantage of services like Vermont 511 when planning travel routes.

That said, we are planning a full convention schedule for Carnage Noir. The Carnage staff will arrive at Lake Morey on Thursday evening and as in past years those guests arriving Thursday are all welcome to enjoy the pre-convention gaming in the lounge. This is our last year at Lake Morey, so weather permitting, please help us celebrate our final Carnage on the lake.

Carnage in the Boston Globe

Sunday, October 21st, the Boston Globe ran an article in the travel section noting Carnage’s 15th convention. The sharp-eyed reader will note a number of names in the article familiar within the Carnage community, but none so prominent as the byline of Matt Golec, Upper Valley gamer and correspondent for the Globe. Read the full article on the Boston Globe‘s website.

This is especially timely because Carnage Noir is a little over a week away. You have a few days more to get your preregistration packets in. After that, it’s all catch as catch can and buying badges at the door.

Here’s Trading With You, Kid: A Carnage Noir No-Ship Math Trade

Thanks to the efforts of Matt Golec, Carnage-goers once again have the opportunity to participate in Here’s Looking At You, Kid, a no-ship math trade with their fellow conventioneers. As Matt explains, “Math trades are a great way to swap games you no longer play for games you’d love to add to your collection. You can read all about math trades here, but in short, instead of trading between two people, the computer orchestrates huge trades among many people. You give one of your unwanted games to somebody, and in exchange somebody else gives you a game that you did want.”

Matt’s post at the top of the list explains the details of the format more, but in short: list the board games, card games, miniatures and RPGs you want to swap away by 9:00pm on October 21st. Then create a want list from the gamers offered by others using the On-Line Want List Generator by October 28th at 9:00pm. Then wait for the good news of what you’re swapping and what you’re receiving.

Go now and list all the games you know will do better in someone else’s hands.

Carnage Noir Preregistration Rate Amendment

On page 47 of the print version of the Carnage Noir convention book, the preregistration prices are incorrectly noted as $50 for the weekend, $40 for groups of five and $25 for a single day. The correct prices for Carnage Noir are $55 for the weekend, $45 for groups of five or more and $30 for a single day.

While Carnage strives to ensure the information we publish is accurate to the best of our knowledge, errors do unfortunately creep in. We apologize for this error and are working to correct it as best we can. This issue will not delay any attendee registrations sent in with the lower amount. Visit the Convention Book Addendum page for new and amended game listing information and watch the website news feed for general updates.

Download the 2012 Carnage Noir Convention Book

Carnage Noir book cover.
Click to download the convention book.

Note: this is the 2012 convention book! For the current year’s convention book, which traditionally publishes in early fall, visit the news page.

All right, you mugs. The big score’s less than two months away. It’s a three day job and I don’t want anything to go wrong. So we’ve got it all planned out, see? Right here in these pages is how the whole weekend goes down.

You can now download the Carnage Noir convention book, along with a preregistration form and a schedule grid in variety of formats to assist in planning out your greatest gaming weekend since Carnage in Wonderland.

These documents reflect the schedule as it stood at the time of printing. For updates, alterations, amendments and new arrivals, check the Convention Book Addendum regularly.

  • Carnage Noir Convention Book [PDF, 890kb]
  • Carnage Noir Pre-reg Form [PDF, 17kb]
  • Carnage Noir Schedule Grid [PDF, 60kb]
  • Carnage Noir Schedule Grid [ODS, 31kb]
  • Carnage Noir Schedule Grid [XLSX, 13kb]

Game for Extra Life at Carnage Noir

Extra Life logo.By playing games, Carnage-goers can help raise money for sick children by participating in Extra Life. Extra Life is the biggest gaming charity event of the year and this year, Carnage and Green Mountain Gamers encourage their fellow gamers to help.

To participate, sign up at Extra Life, join or create a team, choose a Children’s Miracle Network hospital to support, ask friends and family for donations, and sit and play games, any kind of games, for a total of 24 hours.

Leading the way in supporting this excellent cause, Green Mountain Gamers is organizing a dedicated team of gamers to test their mettle in a 24 hour gaming marathon, Friday night to Saturday night of Carnage Noir. Visit to ask for more information about this opportunity.

During the convention, Carnage will offer special Extra Life T-shirts, with all proceeds going to the Vermont Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen Healthcare.

Carnagecast 29: Carnage Noir Update

In episode 29 of Carnagecast, we bring news of Carnage Noir. The convention’s coming up the first weekend of November in Fairlee, Vermont. Game submissions are rolling in, but the deadline looms at the end of July for submissions to be included in the convention book.

Rod brings news of CCGs and board games, including special multi-table sessions of Battlestar Galactica and A Game of Thrones (second edition), plus the return of the kids’ gaming area for the younger set.

Griff’s got the miniatures pulse, with Centuries of Conflict covering the 20th century in historical miniatures — not the 19th, as Griff states in the recording — plus Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40,000, Warmachine and maybe even some Flames of War.

Gaylord talks through the GM’s dilemma of fitting role-playing scenarios into noir and hits on a switcheroo solution that should pique the interest of no small number of players.

Update! The Winter Kotei has moved to allow for a Saturday Legend of the 5 Rings tournament at Carnage. Continue reading