The Realm of Cards: HullBreach!

Hullbreach!  At Carnage! Zeppo Young of NSB games will be at Carnage to demo Hullbreach!, a unique CCG. It combines collectible card gaming mechanics with wargaming to create a unique game. Players will be able to take on the role of commanders in space. They will have marines, ships and space stations at their command. The goal is simple. Commanders must protect their space station at all costs, while breaching and ultimately destroying their enemies space station.

Zeppo will be presenting demos of Hullbreach! Saturday 1pm-5pm in the Edgewater (CCG) room, Saturday 7pm-11pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm in the Terrace Ballroom. Zeppo and NSB Games  will also be in the dealers room thru out the weekend. Be sure to check out Hullbreach! at this year’s Carnage.

The Curiouser and Curiouser Carnage Math Trade

The rapidly approaching traditional Carnage math trade has launched on Again helmed by Matt Golec, the Curiouser and Curiouser Carnage Math Trade provides an opportunity for Carnage-goers to offer up unwanted games in hopes of getting something they’d prefer in return.

Matt’s introductory post goes into the whys and hows of a math trade, but in short it’s a computer-coordinated arrangement that maximizes the number of exchanges among participants based on their stated desires.

Start hoeing out your libraries to find some trade fodder!

Just One of the Horsemen: Kids Games and the Russians

Russian Board GamesCarnage is pleased to offer board games for kids only at this year’s convention. Justin Berman, who organized the first Friday afternoon Game of Thrones event for the convention eight years ago, will offer board games just for kids all day Saturday. Some of the Carnage staff will help Justin in this inaugural event, teaching kid friendly board games.  The children must be between the ages of 6-12. No parents are allowed to play! (But they can sit and watch and maybe even kibbitz.)

All the staff asks is that parents let them know where they will be if they are not staying. The kids can stop by any time during the day and jump into a game or learn a new one. The children do not have to be registered for the convention to take part in this event. It is complimentary for attendees bringing their families. However, if your son or daughter is registering for the convention to play in other events, they can still join in the fun!  So bring the kids and let’s get the next generation of gamers started with some great games!

Carnage also will be offering  games from Russia in our  library this year. RightGames is a Russian board game company that is now publishing some fun games in English. The games, Potion Making, Evolution, The Kingdom of Crusaders and The Enigma of Leonardo will be available for play in our board game library. Also the Carnage staff will be available to demo these games Friday afternoon. So come check out some great international games at Carnage!

Download the 2011 Carnage in Wonderland Book

Note: this is the 2011 convention book! For the current year’s convention book, which traditionally publishes in early fall, visit the news page.

Stealing across the highways and byways of New England like an army of white bond ninja, the Carnage convention book has by now found its way to your mailbox, rookery or other communiqué receptacle. And thus we unleash its electronic doppelganger into the ether as well! Below you will links to not only the convention book, detailing the many pleasant ways to pass the hours of November 4th through 6th in the confines of the Lake Morey Resort, a registration form with which to communicate your heart’s desires, but also a schedule grid, allowing the forward-thinking convention-goer to most efficiently pack their weekend with tabletop gaming goodness.

In addition to the delights contained within these files, keep a weather eye firmly fixed on the Convention Book Addendum page. Late arriving games and unexpected changes alike will make their beds there.

  • Carnage in Wonderland Convention Book [PDF, 1257kb]
  • Carnage in Wonderland Pre-reg Form [PDF, 45kb]
  • Carnage in Wonderland Schedule Grid [PDF, 60kb]
  • Carnage in Wonderland Schedule Grid [ODS, 31kb]
  • Carnage in Wonderland Schedule Grid [XLS, 26kb]

2011 Living Forgotten Realms Events Now on Warhorn

Photo by 8one6.

The Carnage in Wonderland page on now lists the weekend’s offerings in Living Forgotten Realms adventures from the RPGA. Hie thee hence to whet thy palate for Dungeons & Dragons action this November!

Please remember that Warhorn is a scheduling tool used by the RPGA coordinators. It is not affiliated with Carnage, nor a part of the convention registration process. Attendees wishing to preregister for Carnage should utilize the form in the back of the convention book, in addition to signing up via Warhorn for RPGA-run sessions.

Sign Up to Receive the Carnage Convention Book

As August draws to a close, Carnage staffers work to round up all event submissions for publication in the official book. Once the book is finalized, we’ll mail copies out to previous attendees. The furious scribbling of pens and pencils will resound throughout New England as convention-goers pick out their games for the weekend, then mailing in their preregistration forms and payment.

If you’ve attended Carnage in the past three years, you are on the mailing list and you are all set to receive the book. Congratulations!

If you haven’t attended Carnage in the past three years, you have two options:

  1. Fill out our handy mailing list addition form. Your information will be added to our mailing list and a book will go out to you in the mail.
  2. Use the PDF version of the book, which will be made available through the Carnage website a few days after the books are mailed, keeping paper and PDF-users on an even footing in reserving seats in games.

Keep a sharp on your mail boxes, physical and electronic. As the book becomes available, we’ll update you here on the website as well.

Gotta Room to Spare?

Illustration by John Tenniel.

We could all use a potion to make ourselves smaller and fit more in the same amount of space. In the absence of that, there’s sharing rooms. Lake Morey Resort’s all booked up for Carnage and people are looking for alternatives to staying off-site.

In the name of helpfulness — and the absence of forum software — consider this your one stop shop for roomshares at Carnage in Wonderland. If you have a spare bed or a need for said bed, let other interested parties know about it here.

To keep things organized, if you have room to spare, start your comment with HAVE: and then describe the space you’re offering. If you want a place to sleep, start your comment with WANT:, wrapping up with your needs. And be sure to include a way for others to contact you outside the comments section; the email address field in the comment form isn’t visible to readers, so you should spell it out, as John McColley did just below. Don’t rely on holding conversations here.

Just One of the Horseman: Not Too Late!

Illustration by John Tenniel.

It is not too late for an important date! We are closing in on the deadline for games submission at Carnage in Wonderland. We already have many great games, but we still need some dedicated GMs to make the weekend complete. Behind the jump are some of the great games we still would  love to have run at Carnage in Wonderland. Continue reading

We’re All Mad Here: The Genius Schemers of Carnage

There’s a special gleam in the eye that comes from one of only two sources: a surfeit of mercury vapor in the hat-making process and the feverish dreams of a Carnage role-playing GM. Such visions cannot be contained within a single skull for long, of course. They must be freed to propagate through all the psyches of the gentle, unsuspecting populace.

Get a sneak preview on what’s in the 2011 program book by seeing what the GMs themselves have to say about the games they’re running at Carnage in Wonderland:

Do you have information to share about what you’re running at Carnage? Let us know in the comments section below.

Not Sure What Role-Playing Game to Run at Carnage in Wonderland?

June is that magic time when a Carnage GM’s fancy lightly turns to “What the heck am I going to run this year?”

As always, a GM should runs the thing that inspires them the most. We’ve all been at the table when the GM’s heart just wasn’t into the game of the moment. And that’s no fun at all. So first ask yourself what games have your attention — and probably still will in November.

For those of you looking for more firm inspiration, check out this wish list we’ve put together of games, old and new, we’d like to see at this year’s convention, behind the jump. To be clear, the games our stalwart GMs run year in and year out — your specialties, which are far too numerous to mention even in passing — are always wanted. Those games are your signature events, the ones for which you’re known, and we’re always happy to have them.

That said, if you’re a GM waffling over system or setting, knowing just that you want to run “something,” you might find a nudge in one direction or the other here. If there’s a game you’re hoping to play, mention it in the comments. Maybe someone will be inspired, knowing there’s a kindred soul out there.

Once you know what you want to run, hop on over to the GM sign-up page and put it to good use. Continue reading