Carnagecast 57: Gulveig

Carnagecast logo. The grim reaper leaps in the air, strumming a power chord on his scythe-guitar.Ray flies solo this episode as he talks with Andrew Valkauskas, the designer behind Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, about his new card game Gulveig, the future of the Fate of the Norns line, crowdfunding and more.

Gulveig is a quick, casual card game, featuring dynamic trick-taking and bluffing, with Viking clans gaining and losing supremacy over the course of the game. It’s designed to be family-friendly, with optional elements to increase the crunch factor.

The conversation turns to Pendelhaven’s success with the crowdfunding model of raising capital and future plans for the Fate of the Norns line. Depending on their success with titles like Gulveig and Vigridr, a crunchier card game now in beta testing, Fate of the Norns may expand beyond the role-playing market to become a genre-spanning game property.

Andrew and his crew will be at A Fistful of Carnage, demoing Gulveig, building interest for a tournament and, of course, running Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok adventures. Carnage-goers can look forward to being the first to try out new characters for Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, experiencing new content from the forthcoming Denizens of the North lorebook and a brand new Mjolnir, weighing in at a svelte 109 pounds. You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear Andrew’s challenge to anyone looking to heft Mjolnir.

A Fistful of Carnage is two weeks away! Download the convention book and preregister, before time runs out!

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Apologies for the rocky audio in parts. Skype couldn’t decide if it wanted to play ball with us or not. Stick with it. Andrew’s got a lot of cool stuff to share about Gulveig and Fate of the Norns! Continue reading

Carnagecast Extrasode 8: Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok

In extrasode 8 of Carnagecast, Andrew Valkauskas joins us to share his role-playing game Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, now celebrating its twentieth anniversary with a third edition on Kickstarter. In Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, players delve into the grim fantasy of a world without the sun or moon, when Fimbulwinter lays heavy on the nine worlds.

Hear about the rune-based resolution system Andrew developed, where a character’s essence and destiny play a hand in their success or failure, as well as how outside the traditional character progression, a meta progression provides a mechanical kick for hearty warriors not only to relish every battle that may be their last, but enhances the social aspects of role-playing, even in traditionally asocial aspects.

We also talk about the history of Fate of the Norns, from its conception as a computer game to the iterative development it goes through today from player feedback, and the success of the Kickstarter campaign, in how that process has informed the publishing of the game, particularly showing the need to reach a worldwide market.

Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok has currently reached its funding goal on Kickstarter, but the project doesn’t end until Sunday, September 16th. Visit the Kickstarter page to learn more and see the physical components of the game. Continue reading