We think registering in advance for Carnage is a pretty good idea. As a player, you can sign up for games to play in advance and starting this year, you can know right away if you got a seat with the real time registration and ticketing system!

For 2017, Carnage is rolling out a real time registration system for the convention, hosted by Tabletop.Events. Head over to the Carnage site there now. Attendees will be able to buy their badge, reserve seats in games with tickets, preorder any convention swag and modify their reservation choices until registration closes on October 24th, and then during the convention, with any web browser and an internet connection.

How Registration Works

If you’d like a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the registration system, check out our handy article on doing so.

When registration opens, you have two choices: use the online registration system, which works in real time, so you can see exactly what games are available at that moment, know which ones you’ve gotten into and use a credit card to buy your badge; or use the traditional convention book and mail a form in with a check for your badge. Mailed forms are processed when they are received and as convention staff are able, so registering through the online system is the faster route.

If you register online, it’s a lot like shopping: buy a badge for the convention, add tickets to reserve seats in games, and checkout with a credit card. You can add multiple badges to a single order if you’re registering for family members or friends, and then add and manage tickets for each of those badges.

After checkout, you can modify your choices, get on wait lists and take advantage of vacated seats in games up until the end of Tuesday, October 24th. The system will close for the week leading up to the convention to process badges and packets, and then reopen the morning of the convention for badge sales and game sign-ups. During the convention, you can use the online system to see what games have seats available, sign up for them and drop other games from your schedule.

Once registration is open, this page, and other relevant points, will link directly to the online system.

At the Convention

If you preregistered, you can pick up your badge and ticket packet from the convention registration desk in the main building of the Killington resort. If you want to buy your badge at the convention, you can do so over a internet-enabled device and pick up your badge from the desk, or if you don’t have ready web access, the convention staff can help you sign up for games.

Remember, your badge is your ticket to the convention and all officially scheduled events. It must be worn at all times.