Board Games

Well here we are another Summer upon us… after the snow this past weekend.  Time to start thinking of game submissions for Carnage.  The GM submission form is up and running.  We are looking for Board Games Galore this year!   There just seem to be more and more board games to choose from these days.  Plenty of new Games have hit since Carngae Noir.  Such gems as Tammany Hall, Tzolki’n: The Mayan Calandar, Terra Mystica, Pax Porifiriana, Andean Abyss, Bora Bora, Archapelago, Clash of Cultures, Robinson Crusoe, Island Fortress and Ground Floor…whew… and that is just a drop in the bucket of new games.

What were some of your favorites this year?  Which new Board Game caught your eye and your just can’t get enough of it?  Well come run a slot of two at Carnage.  Got a game you want to see played at this year convention?  Let us know.  Do you know of a game that you are waiting for patiently that, hopefully, will be out for Carnage?  We have a few:  1775: The Rebellion, A Distant Plain, Cuba Libre and of course…..Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak!  (Rumor has it this is close to being on the docket for Carnage….)

So take a look at the list of games we are looking for this year.  Not even close to complete.  See something you like, please consider running  the game.  Don’t see your favorite game…don’t worry, you can run a slot of that as well!

Looking forward to a great year up on the MOUNTAIN at KILLINGTON!