Just One of the Horsemen: Kids Games and the Russians

Russian Board GamesCarnage is pleased to offer board games for kids only at this year’s convention. Justin Berman, who organized the first Friday afternoon Game of Thrones event for the convention eight years ago, will offer board games just for kids all day Saturday. Some of the Carnage staff will help Justin in this inaugural event, teaching kid friendly board games.  The children must be between the ages of 6-12. No parents are allowed to play! (But they can sit and watch and maybe even kibbitz.)

All the staff asks is that parents let them know where they will be if they are not staying. The kids can stop by any time during the day and jump into a game or learn a new one. The children do not have to be registered for the convention to take part in this event. It is complimentary for attendees bringing their families. However, if your son or daughter is registering for the convention to play in other events, they can still join in the fun!  So bring the kids and let’s get the next generation of gamers started with some great games!

Carnage also will be offering  games from Russia in our  library this year. RightGames is a Russian board game company that is now publishing some fun games in English. The games, Potion Making, Evolution, The Kingdom of Crusaders and The Enigma of Leonardo will be available for play in our board game library. Also the Carnage staff will be available to demo these games Friday afternoon. So come check out some great international games at Carnage!

Just One of the Horseman: Not Too Late!

Illustration by John Tenniel.

It is not too late for an important date! We are closing in on the deadline for games submission at Carnage in Wonderland. We already have many great games, but we still need some dedicated GMs to make the weekend complete. Behind the jump are some of the great games we still would  love to have run at Carnage in Wonderland. Continue reading

Just One of the Horsemen: Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

As the Walrus stated . . . The time has come, to talk of many things: of shoes, and ships, and sealing-wax. Of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.  And of course another year of CARNAGE! This time we are heading Down the Rabbit Hole, into Wonderland!

We are planning another great year of board gaming. There are plenty of new games out there, and lots of classics.  We are once again looking for GMs in the board game area. The following list covers some of the games we are looking to have presented at this years convention. It may seem large, but it is but a small sampling of all the great board games out there. If you do not see a favorite game on the list, please do not worry.  Some GMs have already planned their games for Carnage.  (Mansions of Madness, Battlestar Galactica, and A Game of Thrones to name a few.)  Just let us know you would like to see a certain game and we will do our best to get a GM for that game. Or even better, offer to GM your favorite game at Carnage to share with other board gamers. Additional newer games will be added to the list as they become available.

Also look for Carnage staff at various locations throughout New England and New York. We have already attended Total Con, TempleCon, Unity Games Day, EconoCon and even PAX East. We have run games at various stores in the area including The Game Castle in Londonderry, New Hampshire and Triple Play in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. We are also regularly at the Green Mountain Gamers game days throughout Vermont.  If you see one of us at a gaming event, come say hello.  Let us know what games you would like to see at Carnage.

So step through the looking glass and come to Carnage this year . . . after all,  We’re all mad here! Continue reading

Check Out the Tournament Page

Well, the tournament page is up!

Head there for EDH Two Headed Dragon Rules, and information on all the other great CCG tournaments planned for Carnage this year. However, if you are interested in seeing which Generals have been recruited for the EDH Two Headed Dragon Tournament . . . Look no further! Below is the first group of Generals to commit their armies to the fray. Keep checking back for more as we get closer to the convention!


Justin Scher                             Sliver Queen

John Lahr                                 Nath of the Gilt Leaf

Stephen Raffael                      Arcum Dagsson

Lucas Moyer                            Experiment Kraj

Karen Miller                            Tolsimir Wolfblood

Jeremy Devoid                        Wort the Raidmother

Christine Williamson             Sakashima the Imposter


Please stay tuned as more Generals are announced!

Just One of the Horsemen: Games, Games and more Games!

Well, the board games are rolling in for this year’s convention. We have some great games planned for this year’s event.

Friday afternoon, we kick things off with the Game of Thrones extravaganza. This popular event is back for its seventh year, thanks to Justin Berman and his assistants. If you are arriving early join in the fun, as no less than three boards of Game of Thrones will be running at once. Be sure to sign up early as slots fill up quickly for this game.

We have board game tournaments this year. BANG! will be back on Sunday morning after a one year hiatus.  So strap on your shooting irons and step out into the dusty street for this fun tournament. On Saturday we have two more big tournaments planned. In the evening Carnage will present its 2nd Annual Dominion tournament.  Come see what all the buzz is about in this fast paced card game.

And finally (because Robert asked for it…..), Carnage the 13th will be offering its first ever Endeavor tournament!  Saturday afternoon Endeavor will be all over the board game area.  Players will play two games with the five top combined scores moving on to a final table Sunday morning at 10am.  So join in the fun with these three great tournaments.  (And there may even  be a prize or two if you do well enough…)

If you are not into tournaments, Carnage has many other board games to offer.  The following games have been confirmed for this years convention.

  • Android
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Brass
  • Carcassonne
  • ZOMBIE Carcassonne (shuffle…shuffle…shuffle…mmm brains!)
  • Carson City
  • Dixit (2010 Spiel de Jahres winner)
  • Le Havre
  • Agricola
  • Puerto Rico
  • Princes of Florence
  • Tigris & Euphrates
  • Race for the Galaxy
  • Starcraft
  • Cyclades
  • Arkham Horror
  • Axis and Allies: Double Blind
  • Shadows over Camelot
  • Space Alert
  • War of the Rings (Collecters Edition)
  • WizWars
  • Conflict of Heroes
  • Empire Builder
  • 18XX
  • Ticket to Ride (VT/NH Special Edition/Marklin)
  • Titan
  • Power Grid
  • The Great Space Race

And many more!  We are still looking for some games. So please check the list above with my list of wants and let us know if you are interested in running a game or two at the convention.  We can never have too many games.  It is always games, games and more games!

The Realm of Cards: Legend of the Five Rings is Back

For those not familiar with L5R (Legend of the Five Rings), it is a CCG based on the clans of a fantasy country of Rokugan. The setting is based on feudal Japan and a smattering of other east Asian cultures.

Players pit their clan samurai, ninjas, shugenja and courtiers against the forces of the other clans. All the clans are looking for honor, power and glory. Players can choose to play one of the nine different clans or the evil of the Shadowlands.

Crab Clan: The Defenders – They guard the walls of the south and protect Rokugan from the evil of the Shadowlands.

Crane Clan: The Artisans – They are the providers of culture in Rokugan. They practice many types of art, including the way of the duelist sword.

Mantis Clan: The Seafarers – The newest of the Great Clans of Rokugan. They struggle to find their place and to become accepted by the other Great Clans.

Phoenix Clan: The Shugenja – These are the scholars and magic users of the realm. They look to unlock the secrets of the universe itself.

Spider Clan: The Unknown – They are a mystery, an enigma. They strike fast and fade back into the shadows of Rokugan.

Unicorn Clan: The Explorers – Rokugan is a protective land. Outsiders are not allowed in. The Unicorn are the only connection to the lands outside Rokugan.

Lion Clan: The Warriors – They are Rokugan’s army and its law.

Scorpion Clan: The Underhand – They use deceit, lies and blackmail to crush their enemies and rivals. Rokugan needs them to do the dirty work the other Clans won’t.

Dragon Clan: The Mystics – They are the monks and mystics of Rokugan. They study the power of the universe to better understand.

The Shadowlands:  The Evil – These are creatures of nightmare! They are the horde in the night:  the undead, the goblins, the trolls and the oni. Beware their evil.

The L5R card game has been around since 1995 and has cultivated a loyal following. Part of its appeal is the storyline of the game. Players can affect what happens in Rokugan through tournaments. Carnage has presented L5R tournaments in the past, but unfortunately the game went through a lull in the mid 2000s. We are pleased to say that Carnage brought back the L5R Swords tournament last year and that this year we are planning on even more L5R events. Rokugan is returning to Carnage!

If you want to check out more about L5R please check out: http://www.l5r.com.

Also check out both Quarterstaff Games in Burlington, VT, and Triple Play in West Lebanon, NH. They have both organized and casual L5R play.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Carnage L5R events. But plan on bringing your sword and your honor if you plan on making your mark in Rokugan!

Just One of the Horsemen: Board Games at Carnage

Back again as promised, with a list of board games we are hoping to have at Carnage this year. If you see any on this list you are interested in running, please send us a GM submission through the site. If you don’t see your favorite game, then please let us know or come and run it at the convention. This is in no way a complete list, but it is a start!

One thing before the list: If you are looking for a chance to do some gaming soon, then save the date of June 19th for a Game ’n Grill game day at Memorial Hall in Essex, VT, presented by Green Mountain Gamers. The game day will feature open board gaming, some teaching sessions, RPG scenarios and a Dominion Tournament. Check out more details at their website: www.greenmountaingamers.com.

Look for Carnage members in attendance at the Game ’n Grill. Come tell us in person what games you want to see or just come hang out and play some great games.

So, on with the list…. Continue reading

The Realm of Cards

Hello and welcome to the new Carnage site! We are gearing up for CARNAGE the 13th and are looking for great CCG games for this year’s convention. Last year we had some fantastic events: the Elder Dragon Highlander tournament was once again a great success; L5R returned to Carnage, thanks to Ben Higgins; and, of course, the usual Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments were in full swing.

We are hoping to get all of these great events back to the convention in 2010. The EDH on Friday night is always a blast, and I am always looking for new ways give this format a twist. Two Headed Giant EDH?

We of course will be extending an invitation to Ben to come back and run some L5R events at the con, and we are looking to build on his success from last year.

We are always on the lookout for other CCG games and tournaments. If you have any suggestions or know of a game you think Carnage should present, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Keep checking back at the new website for more updates!

Just one of the Horsemen…..Welcome

Hey welcome back for another year of CARNAGE! We had a great year last year…with the exception of  the appearance of Pestilence at the convention. But what can you expect when you are dealing with Carnage and the four horsemen?

The board game room was full last year, and we hope to keep it that way going into CARNAGE the 13th! I would like to thank all of the great GMs who helped us out last year:

  • Bill Brunton
  • Justin Berman
  • Jacob Foote
  • Josh Winslow
  • Doug Jorenby
  • Amos Parker
  • Richard Nothey
  • Sean Wolfe
  • Jim Winslow
  • Brennan Martin
  • Michelle Graham
  • Gary Bobar
  • Alex Clay
  • Matt Miller
  • Daniel Beard
  • Amy Stender
  • Danny Campbell
  • Bob Mosdal
  • Art Winslow
  • Dean Emmerson
  • Earl Waters
  • Christopher Dondero
  • Jeannie Compter
  • Neal Byles
  • Derk Dunn
  • Bob Yates
  • Billy DiGiulio
  • Matt Golec
  • Eric Paperman
  • Will Minsinger
  • Rick Salamin
  • Bethany Creaser
  • Richard Creaser
  • Doug Gray
  • Michele Denault-Reynolds
  • Chuck Burkins
  • Roland Paperman

I would also like to give a special thanks to John Fitzpatrick, who helped us out at the last minute.

One person not listed above but who GMd in almost every slot has now joined the ranks. So we need to thank Tyler Dion. We are happy to have him aboard.

Now on with this year’s convention. We are planning on another big year for board games at Carnage. There have been some great new games. As always, we are looking for GMs to present these games. If you have a game you would like to run, don’t wait…. sign up now. In the future I will be posting a list of Carnage’s most-wanted games. These will be the games we are hoping to present at this year’s convention. They will include some of the up and coming new games, as well as many old classics.

We are also looking for any suggestions to help make the convention more enjoyable for our attendees. So, if you have any, please drop us a line. We are already planning some new things for the board gaming areas: some new tournaments and a new setup.

Keep checking back here for more updates and information as we get closer to CARNAGE the 13th! (Still in 3D!)