What to Do When You Arrive at Carnage XX

If you’re not quite sure how to check in for Carnage at Killington this coming Friday, this is the post for you. We break the process down into a couple easy steps: get your badge, find your game, have fun!

Get Your Badge

As you arrive at Killington for Carnage, your first stop after parking is the Killington Grand Hotel, noted in the lower right corner of the adjacent satellite image — link to Google maps. All Carnage-goers need to visit the convention registration desk in the hotel lobby to pick up their badges. Your badge is your proof of admission to the convention and all scheduled events.

Note: the convention information desk will open at 12pm on Friday. Prior to that, convention staff will be working to set up the desk and organize packets for attendees. Please do not crowd the desk before staff are ready to help attendees.

Preregistered Attendees and GMs

If you preregistered for Carnage, or are running games on the schedule, your badge and ticket packet will be waiting for you at the convention registration desk. Once the registration desk opens at 12pm, convention staff will help you find your badge, packet of games you’ve signed up for and any convention merch you may have purchased in advance. If you like, you can buy your merch right and there as well. Once you have your packet in hand, head on over to the Snowshed, where all of Friday afternoon’s games are scheduled to begin at 1pm.

Walk-Up Attendees

If you haven’t purchased a badge yet, your first stop is also the convention registration desk in the hotel lobby. If you have an internet-enabled device and a credit card, we recommend making use of it to purchase your badge and sign up for games on Tabletop.Events while waiting in line. If you prefer to pay with cash or check, you’ll need to wait in line until convention staff can create your badge, and then you can sign up for games. Again, having a device with internet access will help speed this process along.

Go Find Your Game

Once you have your badge and game sign-ups in hand, it’s time to find your first game of the weekend!

Friday afternoon of the convention, all the games are located in the Snowshed, the white building to the Killington Grand. See the above image for an overview of the resort’s layout. From the Grand, you can cross the bridge to get to the Snowshed in the lower left corner of the image, or walk around the edge of the pond and pass through the Snowshed’s parking lot.

Pro-tip: some people prefer to drive over to the Snowshed for Friday, since it is typically much easier to find a space there while the other conference that uses spaces in the Grand winds down.

At the Snowshed, almost all the games are on the main level, in either the Snowshed Ballroom, Snowshed Cafeteria and Snowshed Bakery, with some located in Group Sales on the lowest level of the building. The Venue page on Tabletop.Events includes diagrams of each room used in the convention schedule.

If you need help finding a game, there is a convention information desk located on the bridge between the two halves of the Snowshed, which connects the Ballroom and Cafeteria. Convention staff and volunteers there can help you find the room or table you’re looking for.


This is usually the easy part.

The Rest of the Weekend

After 5pm on Friday, the Snowshed becomes the domain of the role-playing contingent of Carnage. Board games, miniatures, card games make their way back across the pond to filter through the ground floor of the Grand to their various designated rooms. The convention desks in the lobby of the Grand and the Snowshed are open from about 7:30am to 9pm-ish to check in attendees, answer questions, provide directions, etc. Once it opens on Friday at noon, the registration system on Tabletop.Events is available 24/7 for attendees to adjust their schedules, watch for new additions and so on.