GM Sign Ups Open for Carnage on the Mountain 2013

As spring turns to summer, so do the thoughts of the Carnage staff turn to the question, “Who wants to run some games at this year’s convention?”

Now you, the discerning game master, can answer that question with the utmost expedition. The GM sign up form is now up and running! Carnage wants passionate GMs who want to share their favorite games with the convention community, so figure out what gets you excited and write up a submission to run it at Carnage on the Mountain this year. Board games, card games, LARPs, miniatures, role-playing games, we want them all to make our first year in a new hotel the most fun-filled yet. The deadline to get your session information into the convention book is July 27th, so get crackin’!

The form strives to be as self-explanatory as possible. If you’re new to running games at conventions or have specific questions, get in touch with us through We’ll connect you with the field marshal in question.

Carnage on the Mountain runs November 8th t0 the 10th at the Killington Grand Resort in Killington, Vermont.