Here’s Trading With You, Kid: A Carnage Noir No-Ship Math Trade

Thanks to the efforts of Matt Golec, Carnage-goers once again have the opportunity to participate in Here’s Looking At You, Kid, a no-ship math trade with their fellow conventioneers. As Matt explains, “Math trades are a great way to swap games you no longer play for games you’d love to add to your collection. You can read all about math trades here, but in short, instead of trading between two people, the computer orchestrates huge trades among many people. You give one of your unwanted games to somebody, and in exchange somebody else gives you a game that you did want.”

Matt’s post at the top of the list explains the details of the format more, but in short: list the board games, card games, miniatures and RPGs you want to swap away by 9:00pm on October 21st. Then create a want list from the gamers offered by others using the On-Line Want List Generator by October 28th at 9:00pm. Then wait for the good news of what you’re swapping and what you’re receiving.

Go now and list all the games you know will do better in someone else’s hands.