Carnagecast 22: Brad Younie of Carnivore Games and The Day After Ragnarok

In episode 22, Interview with the Gamer prowls the lonesome back roads of New England to find Brad Younie, president of Carnivore Games. Brad tells us about the games he ran at Carnage in Wonderland and goes a bit more into The Unexplained, his role-playing game of paranormal phenomena investigators. He even lets slip the name of a hard science fiction setting on which he’s working. Additionally, you can catch actual play recordings of one of Brad’s games from that weekend over on the New England Roleplayers Association’s feed — part 1 and part 2.

Autopsy of a Game takes on its biggest cadaver yet, the Midgard Serpent itself, tackling The Day After Ragnarok with our friend Joe. In the poisoned ruins of Earth after the end of a World War II in which the Germans summoned Jormangundr itself and the Allies destroyed it with atomic fire at the cost of a globe-shattering cataclysm, the remnants of civilization struggle to piece themselves together. Aside from the two-fisted alternate history of the 20th century leavened with sorcery and weird science, Joe relishes the open canvas of the world after the Midgard Serpent fell, which gives the players room to move and the GM space to invent.


Interview with the Gamer

Autopsy of a Game