In Observance of GM’s Day

GM's Day logoThe Escapist reminds us of March 4th’s relatively newfound significance: “Today is GM’s Day, when players pay homage to the gamemasters who work so hard to bring them excellent adventures at the game table.”

From everyone at Carnage, we want to wish a happy GM’s Day to anyone who’s ever thought to themselves, “Ya know, I should run something next year at Carnage.” A game convention is literally nothing without people willing to offer to teach and run games.

Every year, we’re humbled by the new heights our GMs attain in presenting their games. The exceptional terrain design and figure painting in the miniatures arenas. The role-playing adventures stocked with props, handouts and dice. The board game direct from the halls of Essen.

It’s the GMs who make Carnage an exceptionally rocking good time and for your endeavors, we are grateful.