You Are Cordially Invited to “Drink Me”

Over the course of a convention weekend, hundreds if not thousands of drinking vessels are raised to toast friendship, good sportsmanship and the byzantine machinations of Diplomacy players.

This year at Carnage in Wonderland, you can bid salut to your fellow players in style with the Carnage “Drink Me” pint glass. Of sturdy construction and resilient pigment, this pint glass is rated to hold drinkable fluids of all sorts, flavors and opacities and resist the depredations of the mightiest automated dish washing contrivance.

Pint glasses can be purchased for $8 at the Carnage registration desk throughout the course of the 2011 convention. Buy it with a Carnage T-shirt — normally $20 by itself — and pay $25 for both; the package cost for 2XL and 3XL shirts is $27. Preregistrants who ordered T-shirts in advance have the option of buying a glass for $5 as well.