Download the 2011 Carnage in Wonderland Book

Note: this is the 2011 convention book! For the current year’s convention book, which traditionally publishes in early fall, visit the news page.

Stealing across the highways and byways of New England like an army of white bond ninja, the Carnage convention book has by now found its way to your mailbox, rookery or other communiqué receptacle. And thus we unleash its electronic doppelganger into the ether as well! Below you will links to not only the convention book, detailing the many pleasant ways to pass the hours of November 4th through 6th in the confines of the Lake Morey Resort, a registration form with which to communicate your heart’s desires, but also a schedule grid, allowing the forward-thinking convention-goer to most efficiently pack their weekend with tabletop gaming goodness.

In addition to the delights contained within these files, keep a weather eye firmly fixed on the Convention Book Addendum page. Late arriving games and unexpected changes alike will make their beds there.

  • Carnage in Wonderland Convention Book [PDF, 1257kb]
  • Carnage in Wonderland Pre-reg Form [PDF, 45kb]
  • Carnage in Wonderland Schedule Grid [PDF, 60kb]
  • Carnage in Wonderland Schedule Grid [ODS, 31kb]
  • Carnage in Wonderland Schedule Grid [XLS, 26kb]