Sign Up to Receive the Carnage Convention Book

As August draws to a close, Carnage staffers work to round up all event submissions for publication in the official book. Once the book is finalized, we’ll mail copies out to previous attendees. The furious scribbling of pens and pencils will resound throughout New England as convention-goers pick out their games for the weekend, then mailing in their preregistration forms and payment.

If you’ve attended Carnage in the past three years, you are on the mailing list and you are all set to receive the book. Congratulations!

If you haven’t attended Carnage in the past three years, you have two options:

  1. Fill out our handy mailing list addition form. Your information will be added to our mailing list and a book will go out to you in the mail.
  2. Use the PDF version of the book, which will be made available through the Carnage website a few days after the books are mailed, keeping paper and PDF-users on an even footing in reserving seats in games.

Keep a sharp on your mail boxes, physical and electronic. As the book becomes available, we’ll update you here on the website as well.