Not Sure What Role-Playing Game to Run at Carnage in Wonderland?

June is that magic time when a Carnage GM’s fancy lightly turns to “What the heck am I going to run this year?”

As always, a GM should runs the thing that inspires them the most. We’ve all been at the table when the GM’s heart just wasn’t into the game of the moment. And that’s no fun at all. So first ask yourself what games have your attention — and probably still will in November.

For those of you looking for more firm inspiration, check out this wish list we’ve put together of games, old and new, we’d like to see at this year’s convention, behind the jump. To be clear, the games our stalwart GMs run year in and year out — your specialties, which are far too numerous to mention even in passing — are always wanted. Those games are your signature events, the ones for which you’re known, and we’re always happy to have them.

That said, if you’re a GM waffling over system or setting, knowing just that you want to run “something,” you might find a nudge in one direction or the other here. If there’s a game you’re hoping to play, mention it in the comments. Maybe someone will be inspired, knowing there’s a kindred soul out there.

Once you know what you want to run, hop on over to the GM sign-up page and put it to good use.

Games We Would Not At All Mind Seeing Run at Carnage 14

Organized Play

In addition to the mad motley that our independent GMs throw every year, Carnage is pleased to offer organized role-playing as well. As in the past, we hope to host TC Realms, Pathfinder Society, Shadowrun Missions and Living Forgotten Realms. We’ll bring you more news on those fronts as we acquire it.

If you’re interested in GMing within an organized play structure, contact us and we can put you in touch with the lead people for the campaign in question.