Check Out the Tournament Page

Well, the tournament page is up!

Head there for EDH Two Headed Dragon Rules, and information on all the other great CCG tournaments planned for Carnage this year. However, if you are interested in seeing which Generals have been recruited for the EDH Two Headed Dragon Tournament . . . Look no further! Below is the first group of Generals to commit their armies to the fray. Keep checking back for more as we get closer to the convention!


Justin Scher                             Sliver Queen

John Lahr                                 Nath of the Gilt Leaf

Stephen Raffael                      Arcum Dagsson

Lucas Moyer                            Experiment Kraj

Karen Miller                            Tolsimir Wolfblood

Jeremy Devoid                        Wort the Raidmother

Christine Williamson             Sakashima the Imposter


Please stay tuned as more Generals are announced!