It Came from the Carnage Math Trade

Matt Golec has taken to shepherding the Carnage math trade, a burgeoning convention tradition in which attendees put up games for swapping, and then make the exchange at Lake Morey, saving everyone shipping costs and related headaches. This year, in keeping with the horror theme, he’s dubbed the event It Came from the Carnage Math Trade.

There’s a lot to be said about math trades, but as Matt puts it, ” . . . in short, instead of trading between two people, the computer orchestrates huge trades among many people. You give one of your unwanted games to somebody, and in exchange somebody else gives you a game that you did want.”

A math trade requires an account at, in order to contribute to the list of games on offer. List your games by the deadline of Wednesday, October 20th at 9:00 PM, and then start looking over what you might like.

While the name of the site is Boardgamegeek, their database also covers collectible card games, miniatures, wargames and role-playing games, so you can list just about any game you can imagine.