CJ Henderson Attends and GMs at Carnage the 13th

Writer and GM CJ Henderson is coming to Carnage this year to run some role-playing games, show off his stuff and generally have a good time. As the man himself tells us:

Author CJ Henderson is the creator of both the Jack Hagee hardboiled PI series and the Teddy London supernatural detective series. He has over 60 books and/or novels to his credit, along with hundreds of comics and short stories and thousands of non-fiction pieces. World traveler, cat herder and president for life of the rapidly growing “Bacon For All” movement, this fascinating character, the man about whom Time Magazine said “Who?” is one of the most interesting GMs of our time, if he does say so himself. For more details on this truly remarkable and self-absorbed individual, feel free to check out his website, www.cjhenderson.com, where there are always free short stories, or simply go by his table at the show and chat him up. Those who bring pork products will be given preferential treatment.

Do indeed check out Mr. Henderson’s site, but be sure to come back here for more news on Carnage the 13th as it develops.