Just one of the Horsemen…..Welcome

Hey welcome back for another year of CARNAGE! We had a great year last year…with the exception of  the appearance of Pestilence at the convention. But what can you expect when you are dealing with Carnage and the four horsemen?

The board game room was full last year, and we hope to keep it that way going into CARNAGE the 13th! I would like to thank all of the great GMs who helped us out last year:

  • Bill Brunton
  • Justin Berman
  • Jacob Foote
  • Josh Winslow
  • Doug Jorenby
  • Amos Parker
  • Richard Nothey
  • Sean Wolfe
  • Jim Winslow
  • Brennan Martin
  • Michelle Graham
  • Gary Bobar
  • Alex Clay
  • Matt Miller
  • Daniel Beard
  • Amy Stender
  • Danny Campbell
  • Bob Mosdal
  • Art Winslow
  • Dean Emmerson
  • Earl Waters
  • Christopher Dondero
  • Jeannie Compter
  • Neal Byles
  • Derk Dunn
  • Bob Yates
  • Billy DiGiulio
  • Matt Golec
  • Eric Paperman
  • Will Minsinger
  • Rick Salamin
  • Bethany Creaser
  • Richard Creaser
  • Doug Gray
  • Michele Denault-Reynolds
  • Chuck Burkins
  • Roland Paperman

I would also like to give a special thanks to John Fitzpatrick, who helped us out at the last minute.

One person not listed above but who GMd in almost every slot has now joined the ranks. So we need to thank Tyler Dion. We are happy to have him aboard.

Now on with this year’s convention. We are planning on another big year for board games at Carnage. There have been some great new games. As always, we are looking for GMs to present these games. If you have a game you would like to run, don’t wait…. sign up now. In the future I will be posting a list of Carnage’s most-wanted games. These will be the games we are hoping to present at this year’s convention. They will include some of the up and coming new games, as well as many old classics.

We are also looking for any suggestions to help make the convention more enjoyable for our attendees. So, if you have any, please drop us a line. We are already planning some new things for the board gaming areas: some new tournaments and a new setup.

Keep checking back here for more updates and information as we get closer to CARNAGE the 13th! (Still in 3D!)