Catching up with Technology

Hello Everyone,

Well, it was apparently time for Carnage to take a step and move forward a bit with all the modern technology available. A couple of new folks with the knowhow and brain power joined the Carnage team and we are off to the races, so to speak.

So what have I got planned for Miniatures at Carnage 13?

Right at the moment things are relatively low key. I’m planning on hitting all the other cons and seeing what is new and hot. And of course talking people into bringing those games to Carnage.

So far on the agenda we have talked about trying to drum up some support for the old Classic Battle Tech. Possibly some Heavy Gear as well. It being Carnage 13, I would like to see some Zombie-oriented miniatures games. I’m thinking of offering one myself. Pretty much anything with lots of Carnage and/or a horror aspect would be great.

On the historical side of things, we have talked about finding someone to run a DBA tournament if we can get the interest built up. I’m also in constant contact with the Maine Gang and I am attempting to convince them to bring the Battle of Sabis to Carnage. They will be premiering the game at their first con in May. I am sure both the con and the game will be a great success.

If anyone out there has special ideas for Carnage 13 don’t be afraid to run them past me. My goal is not to have the most games but to have the best games possible.

Til next time…